Monday, 15 August 2016

8 Ways to Get More Google Plus followers

Google Plus is the “most advanced social network” and it is growing at an amazing pace. Google Plus has already reached 25 million users within a month whereas Facebook and Twitter took nearly 3 years to achieve the same. Google Plus combines the features of both Facebook and Twitter into one and enhances it even further by adding a host of new unique features. So, if you believe in networking then it is very important to make the best of it before others.

Here are my 8 tips to increase your Google Plus followers:

1. Find people: Google Plus makes it very easy to find other Google Plus users whom you might know or might be interested in. After you enter you Google Plus account, click on the circles tab and then click on the tab “Find People”. You would be provided with suggestions of up to 500 people whom you might know or might be interested in. These are the best guess by the Google Plus system based on people whom you might know or might want to add to your circles. We are not sure about the exact criteria on which this guess is but it might probably include interests, location, extended circles and so on. If you want to add them all to your circles then you can also do so by going to “More Options => Select All” and then drag them to your circles. The more friends and people with similar interests you add to your circle, the higher are the chances that they will circle you back.

2. Circle back your followers: One of the most important tips to increase and sustain your Google Plus followers is to circle back people who have added you to their circles. It is like Twitter in a sense where it is somewhat of a courtesy to follow back your followers if possible. If you do not circle them back then they might also gradually remove you from their circles and so it is important to circle back your followers in Google+.

3. Share interesting content with your circles and public: Google Plus is a platform which enables creative minds to share interesting content with other users. One of the most popular things on Google Plus is animated Gifs including Google Plus Gifs. Everybody likes animation and interesting content and so, feel free to share Google Plus Gifs, Animated Gifs and interesting links with your circles, extended circles and if possible the public. Many Google+ would +1, share your updates and follow you back. It is a very good way to increase your popularity and thereby your Google Plus followers.

4. Invite your friends and share updates via email: Let us be frank. The people who have the best chances of adding you to their circles are your friends. So, inform your friends about Google Plus and if they are not using Google+ already then send them a Google Plus invitation through Email. Once they join the Google+ network, you would probably be the first user they would add to their circles.

5. Invite friends from other social networks to Google Plus: In case of most social networks, it is proven that close friends normally flock together and keep connected through the same social network. So, if most of your friends are on Facebook or Twitter, then invite them to join Google Plus and inform them about the awesome features of Google Plus. Let them know how they can easily achieve most of the features of both Facebook and Twitter in addition to a bunch of new unique features on Google Plus. Once a few of your friends shift to Google Plus, the chances are quite high that their friends would also shift to Google Plus very soon. And at the end, the more friends you have on Google Plus the more are the chances of them adding you to their circles.

6. Share and comment on interesting content from other Google+ users: Google Plus users normally like to share interesting content and animations with other users and the public. So, whenever you notice any interesting content then feel free to share it with your own circles or public. This would help in increasing your popularity and hence, your Google Plus followers.

7. +1 interesting content from other G+ users: One of the best features of Google as a whole in recent times has been the ability to recommend content using the +1 button. And +1 has been integrated very well into Google Plus so that you can +1 every update or post you like by any Google Plus user. So, whenever you see interesting content and updates from other Google+ users then try to appreciate it by adding a +1 to the post. The user might notice it, check your content and also add you to his/her circles if they like your updates.

8. Mention about Google+ on your blog or website: If you are a website owner or a blogger then try to mention and recommend Google Plus to your website visitors. If you have a fully public profile and if you are comfortable then you can also provide direct link to your profile on your blog/website. Add a Google Plus Widget to your website if possible so that your website visitors can easily find you. You can also post your website updates on Google Plus. This will increase the chances of your website visitors adding you to their circles so that they can get the latest updates of your website through Google+.

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